SilenciaBy Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria/Palas)

Out of Salaterka (Elton x Sapala/Cadyk)

Grey mare, 2009

Bred by: Anette Mattsson


When Silencia´s dam Salaterka was born I knew that I would love to breed her to one of the young stallions in Poland, the 1995 Polish National Champion Stallion Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria), a stallion with a great charisma and beauty and out of one of our times most amazing mares - Etruria. I also was convinced that Salaterka with her breeding would produce great with a stallion of the Ibrahim-line which would make Ecaho perfect. It would take me 11 years before I finally could make the dream come through and 12 years before I saw the result. When I helped Silencia into this world and my friend who was outside the stall asked if it was a colt or a filly I just couldn´t get a word out except "good girl, you are such a great girl Salaterka". The filly - yes, it was a filly! - was AMAZING with a head that was unbelievable and a strong body and a super long neck. My feeling had been totally right - this was a perfect combination!

VIDEO March 2013