Salazarby Pakistan (Flak x Prolarna/Probat)

out of Sapala (Cadyk x Saldara/Dardir)

Bay gelding, 2000

Bred by: Anette Mattsson

Owned by: Sofia Östling


Salazar was sold even before I bred Sapala. My good friend Annichen decided to buy the foal the evening before we drove Sapala down to the stallion. Sapala was bred to the stallion Pakistan and was due foaling in the middle of April, but as I knew that Sapala always carried her foals three weeks over the estimated time I told Annichen that we could expect the foal in the beginning of May.

Annichen planned for her wedding on Saturday the 6th of May and on Monday the same week I predicted that Sapala would deliver her foal that same day. Saturday would turn out to be a busy day… Sapala had milk dripping the whole day and I went back and forth to the barn to check on her. In the morning I took the studio wedding photos, went in to town to get them developed so that they could get them during the gift openings, photographed the wedding ceremony and enjoyed the wedding reception – while checking in on Sapala. Luckily the barn is only 1 mile from the church! During the dinner Annichens brother asked me how I dared to sit there if it was so close, I said that she will wait another 2-3 hours and I was right – 2.5 hours later she gave birth to a beautiful colt. I called Annichen right after he was born just to let her know and she said that she was going to come down first thing in the morning as she still had her wedding dress on. But after 10 minutes Annichen came into the barn to see her new horse!

Sawankaby Preference (Pers x Ceremona/Algomej)

out of Sapala (Cadyk x Saldara/Dardir)

Bay mare, 2002

Bred by: Anette Mattsson

Owned by: Jenny Norgren


Sawanka impressed from day one with her charisma and her great movements. Her sire Preference was bred by Blommeröd Arabian Stud and his sire Pers (Enos x Pentoda) was leased from Janów Podlaski for two seasons 1988-1989. Pers sired two National Champions in Sweden, the filly Necessa (out of Nianka) and Preference – 1992 Swedish National Junior Champion and 2002 Swedish National Champion Stallion. Pers was by the 1981 Polish National Champion Stallion Enos (Bandos x Enora/Czort) and out of one of the best Bandos-daughters in Poland, the great producer Pentoda (out of Piewica/Priboj).

sawaneczka yearlingby Preference (Pers x Ceremona/Algomej)

out of Salaterka (Elton x Sapala/Cadyk)

Grey mare, 2003

Bred by: Anette Mattsson

Owned by: Sunniva Stolanowska


Sawaneczka is Salaterka´s firstborn foal and she is as sweet as her dam. I wanted to breed Salaterka to an Ibrahim-stallion from the day she was born and my dream was to breed her to Ecaho (Pepton x Etruria). As I could not breed to him with a live cover for her first breeding as he resides in California, I was looking for another stallion from the same sire-line. It was not an easy task to find a stallion from the Bandos-line here in Sweden. The stallion I ended up breeding her to was Preference as he was double Bandos, Salaterka and him share the same dam-line (Milordka) and later that spring when her dam Sapala had her filly Sawanka by Preference I had high hopes that this combination would turn out to be as great.

sawanusia042by Preference (Pers x Ceremona/Algomej)

out of Salaterka (Elton x Sapala/Cadyk)

Grey mare, 2008

Bred by: Anette Mattsson

Owned by: Carina Söderström, Silver Arabians


In 2007 I bred Salaterka back to Preference and in May 2008 she had her third filly in a row, Sawanusia. When she was barely 12 hours Carina Söderström of Silver Arabians called and asked if she was for sale and Sawanusia became a new addition to the Silver breeding program.

saevio9668by HDC Ibn Gazalalshaqab (Gazal Al Shaqab x Emiria/Emigrant)

out of Salaterka (Elton x Sapala/Cadyk)

Grey colt, 2011

Bred by: Anette Mattsson

Owned by: Sören and Daniel Juvas


Saevio is a very promising young colt and he has a very interesting pedigree. His sire HDC Ibn Gazalalshaqab is a son of the great Gazal Al Shaqab (Anaza El Farid x Kajora), one of the greatest stallions ever. I have been following Gazal since he was a weanling as he is a son of Kajora so I had an emotional interest in him due to Edjora and I loved the way he looked. Gazal eventually turned out to be one of our times greatest sires. HDC Ibn Gazal´s dam Emiria is a daughter of the great Polish sire Emigrant (Ararat x Emigrantka) and her dam Empressa was one of the most beautiful Probat-daughters in Poland out of Emfaza (Eukaliptus x Ekstaza). Ekstaza (Celebes x Eskapada) was Polish National Champion Mare in 1981 and her dam Eskapada was Reserve Champion Mare at the same show - at age 21!


Saevio has three crosses to the great Milordka-line through his dam Salaterka, and through Emigrant and Empressa. He also has the great stallion Exelsjor (Aquinor x Eleonora) three times in his pedigree through his amazing daughters Salexja, Ex Diara and Borexia.