arabianstallions9664 Arabian Stallion of the World V Very good - never opened, still in plastic. Brand new 400 SEK
babson5 The Royal Arabians of Egypt and The Stud of Henry B. Babson Judith Forbis and Walter Schimanski Rare book with fantastic photos that never been published earlier Very good 2200 SEK/2500 SEK, the more expensive edition has been signed by the author Schimanski
vanlent Arabians Peter Upton with photographs by Rik van Lent Sr and Rik van Lent Jr 256 pages, Large book. Text about the Arabian Horse and it´s history. Photos from different countries. Brand new 450 SEK
crabbet1 The Crabbet Arabian Stud - It´s History & Influence Rosemary Archer, Colin Pearson and Cecil Covey Great book about the Crabbet stud. A lot of photos. Very good 900 SEK SOLD!
gadzalski6 Konie Marian Gadzalski Book in large format with photos by the Polish photographer Marian Gadzalski. A lot of famous photos of great horses from Janów Podlaski and Michalów. Very good. The dust jacket is torn at the edges, but the book is in great condition. 450 SEK
kellogg50-1 The Kellogg Arabian Ranch The First Fifty Years - A Chronicle of Events, 1925-1975 Mary Jane Parkinson Great book with lots of photos. Large book. Very good 900 SEK
kellogg9729 The Kellogg Arabians - Their Background and Influence Herbert H. Reese in collaboration with Gladys Brown Edwards. Great book with the history of the famous Kellogg Stud. Very good 550 SEK
photohistory9688 A Photographic History of the Polish Arabian Gladys Brown Edwards A very rare book with photos of the Polish Arabian horse together with information about the horses. A lot of great photos that never had been published before. Very good 1500 SEK
rozwadowski1868 1 50 years of breeding pure blood Arabian Horses in Poland in their genealogical charts 1918-1968 Z. Rozwadowski This book has been like a bible to many breeders of Polish Arabian horses with all the dam-families and sire-lines in Polen in genealogical charts. It is also a lot of interesting information in the beginning of the book together with photos. Something that I really appreciate with this book is that it has the race-records of the horses. The back is damaged, other than that the book is in good condition. 600 SEK
rozwadowski6972 1 The Breeding of Pure Blood Arabian Horses in Poland in Their Genealogical Charts 1969-1972 Z. Rozwadowski Supplement to the big book. Very good 500 SEK
rozwadowski7374 1 The Breeding of Pure Blood Arabian Horses in Poland in Their Genealogical Charts 1973-1974 Z. Rozwadowski Supplement to the big book. Very good 500 SEK
schiele eng9665 The Arab Horse in Europe - History and Present Breeding of the Pure Arab Erika Schiele This is a classical book about the Arab Horse breeding in Europe. Great photos. Very good


schiele tyska9656 Araber in Europa Erika Schiele Same book as above but in German Very good 600 SEK
tweedie9744 The Arabian Horse - His Country and People Major-General W. Tweedie C.S.I Very rare book about the Arabian Horse. This is a re-print of the original book published in 1894. Very good 1850 SEK SOLD!
upton9726 The Classic Arab Horse Peter Upton Photos and information about the Arab Horse conformation. A very good book and a must-have for all that are interested in the conformation of the Arab Horse. Very good 350 SEK
wentworth62-1 The Authentic Arabian Horse Lady Wentworth A fantastic and very rare book. It contains a lot of photos and paintings and a big fold-out map in the back with the bedouin tribes. Very good

2500 SEK SOLD!

A friend of mine has this book for sale, so if you are interested please contact me and I will forward your information